Bar Louie: Eat, Drink, and Be Happy in Downtown Austin

Bar Louie: Eat, Drink, and Be Happy in Downtown Austin

There’s something you should know.  And that is, Bar Louie in downtown Austin is a bar / restaurant chain.

There’s something else you should know.  And that is, it’s okay that it’s a bar / restaurant chain.

Now, before you stop reading – hear me out.  I think it’s a good sign that select franchises and corporate companies are moving into downtown Austin.  I think that means that their conservative real estate departments think that downtown Austin is a safe investment – and if they think it’s a safe investment, chances are, it is.

Now, I do NOT want our city to be overrun with TGI Fridays (Google “IFH Mondays” if you want something a little less safe for work….) and Wendy’s and the like – but a “Bar Louie” every now and again doesn’t seem so bad – especially when the vibe at the place is so good.

The Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association had their 8th Annual Downtown Living Tour VIP After Party at the bar / restaurant concept, located at 123 W 6th, and I must say – it was a great event.  The staff treated us exceptionally well, and the food – while no Ruth’s Chris – was fun, easy, and satisfying.  And they kept the beer flowing – which is the most important part!

The place is set up for live music (we had the Paper Moon Shiners play at our event – they were soooo great!), and it’s great for large groups or after-work happy hours. There are lots of TVs, and lots of bar stool seating.

However, my very favorite part of the place is this:

They have this really, really great front area where they can remove the windows, and it’s the perfect shaded patio seating.  I love it!  Great place to chill and drink a cold one.

Overall – I think the place is just what central downtown Austin needs.  It’s a conventional, every-day sort of place that’s going to be fine for a wide-variety of people.  Great for business lunches, after-work happy hours, and the occasional wild-night. 🙂

Some things you should know:

  1. No free or validated parking for the establishment.  Street or paid garage only. If you are already downtown, I would recommend walking to it.
  2. They do aggressive specials.  The one I hear most about is the Dollar Burger Night on Tuesdays. I haven’t been yet – but I hear people talking about it all the time it seems like. Came across this great (and older – from 2009 AND about the Evanston location, not the Austin location – FYI, so not sure what may be different about Bar Louie Austin’s Dollar Burger Night)  article when I Googled it – “How to Order at Bar Louie’s Dollar Burger Night” – for those that truly want to make the most of the deal.
  3. Ask for David Pacunas and tell him Amber from DANA and from Downtown Austin Blog says hello.  He’s a nice a guy and the GM of the place.
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Amber Gugino loves living downtown and has been an active board member of the The Shore Condo Owners Association, Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association and member of the Junior League of Austin. She adores her dog, Blog, and she learns something new about downtown Austin every day.


  1. I like the atmosphere/vibe of the place. The food was okay. The service was terrible. We waited
    20 minutes for water alone. Will give them a second chance.

  2. Troy Madres says

    I like this place, but my only issue is that they destroyed the mid century modern look of the building (which had been faithfully and beautifully restored/updated by the architectiure firm upstairs) by adding the awnings, garish sign, and tacky railing. I’m totally cool with making the interior look the any way they intended, but the exterior elements really clash with the clean lines of the original building. After having spent so much time and money sprucing up the place on the second floor, why couldn’t they apply a little bit of restraint on the first floor?

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