New Oil & Vinegar Retail Concept Opening Across from The W in Downtown Austin

New Oil & Vinegar Retail Concept Opening Across from The W in Downtown Austin

A unique boutique is opening its second location on May 10th, 2012, right across the street from The W Hotel and Residences on Lavaca (the first location is in The Arboretum, and opened in 2009) in Downtown Austin.  No, it’s not another fancy dress store or whimsical gift shop.  This time, it’s a niche retail concept that specializes in Oils & Vinegars called Con’ Olio.

From the press release:

According to Jeff Conarko, the second store represents a symbolic victory over those who thought a store focused exclusively on offering premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars could not thrive in Austin.

I had a chance to briefly visit with the husband and wife team that owns the concept (Jeff and Tabatha Conarko, pictured in the featured image of this post), and they seemed super excited about their second location.  The store is about 1,000 SF (their Arboretum location is about 1,500 SF), and, though it was still being worked on when I was there, it looks like it will be a  clean, compact store, with a rustic color scheme and full shelves.  The couple says that they plan to do classes and other small events (like tastings, etc) at the location, as well as sell their upscale, artisan oils and vinegars.

I myself am often curious at the economics of such a niche product having a retail storefront in a part of town where rents would not be considered inexpensive, but am always pleased at the addition of retail and daytime uses in downtown Austin, so I wish them great success!

Grand Opening Celebration for Con’ Olio begins at 12noon on May 10th, at their store  215 Lavaca, 78701.


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  1. Jim Young says

    I have known Jeff for 5 years, and became a fan when I tried the products at their Arboretum Store. Their store is like an experience, especially when you throw in the Owners exuberance, and recipes to use your purchases with.

  2. Austin Healy says

    I would have MUCH rather seen Royal Blue Spirits open up in that spot. Ahh…..Oil! Hope they do well Downtown.

  3. Mikeinaustin says

    Economics… I always think the same, and come to the conclusion that the markups must be quite healthy.

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