Fishing Pier Coming to Lady Bird Lake in Rainey Street, Downtown Austin

Fishing Pier Coming to Lady Bird Lake in Rainey Street, Downtown Austin

The focus is on inclusion.  That’s what Nicole Harmon of Core Health Foundation, a non-profit spin-off of Core Health (a for-profit facility focusing on rehabilitation of those suffering with brain injuries), tells me. The project is a fishing pier, located on the northern shore of Lady Bird Lake, just south of the Holiday Inn off I-35 in the Rainey Street District.  The project has been in the works for over 8-years, but was officially approved in 2010, and construction is expected to be complete in 2013.   And while the driver and primary purpose of this project is for use for gentle rehabilitation services (meaning, not too stimulating for a recovering brain) for those suffering traumatic brain injuries – the facility is going to be completely open to the public at all times, and, I’m told, the greater Austin community will have plenty of opportunity to use it. The pier will also be ADA accessible.

The project will cost about $400k to complete, and the City, as well as some private donors have given some funds towards this goal.  They are still trying to raise about $200k, and hope to do so through increased awareness and community and corporate support. Please contact Nicole @ or 512-968-0080 for more information on how to get involved!

Here are some pictures of the proposed pier, and also a pdf outline the sponsorship levels they are requesting:



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  1. Another win for the city. This is what makes us glad to be part of Austin and its steps in Leadership. I personally walked that lake as a little boy in late 70’s and early 80’s and glad to see the city finally glorifying the eastern section of Town Lake/Lake Lady Bird. The real estate prices for new construction are pushing more people away from the core. The downtown vertical condos are supplying such a great need for the jobs that are coming to town. Even though all the new residential new construction in the core is helping out we still need more homes for the current demand.

  2. It is amazing that Austin is building such a helpful and beautiful pier for those with brain injuries. We are happy to see Austinites taking a proactive approach to helping people.

  3. Love seeing this!

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