Glee. (Indirectly) Making Downtown Austin a Little More Environmentally Friendly

Glee. (Indirectly) Making Downtown Austin a Little More Environmentally Friendly

Oh, Glee.  I  sometimes enjoy you, but often I am overcome with shame for watching you.  But, last week –  you actually accomplished something useful.  Because of you, Glee, I finally recycled my big ol’ bag o’ batteries.

Okay, let me explain. See, up until last week, I had been keeping this huge Ziploc bag stuffed with used up AA batteries under my kitchen sink.  I didn’t know where to take them and I always seemed to forget to Google a nearby location. So, the bag o’ batteries just kept getting bigger.

And then I started seeing this Glee PSA about recycling batteries.  Over. And over. And over again.

Maybe it was a sign from above, because when I finally did Google where to recycle batteries in downtown Austin, I was a little surprised to find out that the closest spot was in fact St. David’s church!

We’ve blogged about St. David’s before as a great secret lunch spot, but they are also now a “secret” battery, phone, ink cartridge, CDs, prescription bottles, and eyeglasses recycling stop!

So, I went in last week (I would recommend going in through the little parking lot on 8th right before San Jacinto.  That takes you right to the lobby and they’ll direct you to the recycling drop off.) and got rid of all my batteries AND a couple of pesky ink cartridges.  And, I felt a little better about myself.

Here’s what the grand recycling center actually looks like:

Fancy High Tech Recycling Center 🙂

St. David's should totally enter the O. Henry Pun Off

And the best part?  I also snagged a cheap, quick cup of coffee and a snack at the Holy Grounds Cafe in St. Davids.  I think this place is really cute.  I also took some pictures of the inside of the cafe, for your pleasure:

Kombucha Tea Downtown!


Now, none of us have an excuse to pull a Finn – I’m looking at you, especially, residents of Brazos Place!

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Amber Gugino loves living downtown and has been an active board member of the The Shore Condo Owners Association, Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association and member of the Junior League of Austin. She adores her dog, Blog, and she learns something new about downtown Austin every day.


  1. Thanks, Amber. I’ve wondered where to take my own big bag of batteries (and lightbulbs) under the sink. This sounds like an experience that will leave a taste of do-goodism buzzing in my mouth…to be washed down by local kombucha. Awesome!

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