What’s Next For Agora?

What’s Next For Agora?

Agora is closed.

It was a rocky start and a quick ending to the sports bar on East Ave.  Agora’s massive footprint, copious parking, and out-of-place architecture raised questions about what the concept would be really be.  “Is it a strip club?” was an all-to-common refrain.

Turns out it really was just a sports bar, albeit one out of place in downtown Austin’s burgeoning Rainey Street neighborhood.

Perhaps the final blow to the struggling venue was last month’s decision by the City of Austin Music Division to revoke Agora’s Outdoor Music Venue permit, after receiving too many noise complaints.

What’s next?  Our intel has it that the 18,000 sf CBD-zoned site is now for sale.

Agora OMV permit was revoked in December (pdf)



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  1. Fold it into the Sutton development so we can move on with our lives?

  2. Well, now it has a chance to really be a strip club.

  3. Yea! That place was such an eyesore. Yes, I can’t tell you how many times I was asked if that was a strip club! Ha!

  4. Good riddance, as a Greek living in Austin, this place has been quite a disgrace. It’s a pity there is not a single decent Greek restaurant in Austin…

  5. So, my guess is that they may remain open for a little just to sell their inventory – but I believe the intent is to get it closed as soon as possible….

  6. …It wasn’t a strip club?

  7. avatar Lance Hunter says:

    Seriously, that building looks eerily similar to Palazio.

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