More Downtown Austin Apartment & Condo Projects Emerging

More Downtown Austin Apartment & Condo Projects Emerging

It seems like almost every direction we look around downtown Austin, construction cranes are deployed, helping concrete and steel skeletons reach to the sky.  Notably the JW Marriott hotel, across from the Austonian, has three cranes in place and will soon take shape.  But that’s just the newly visible construction: in and around downtown Austin there’s upwards of 8 million square feet of construction planned or underway.

Sometimes we forget to look outside of the downtown core.  Still, there on the far wings of downtown Austin, even more construction is (literally) on the horizon and DAB is here to give you a first look.

North Shore Lofts
More Rainey Street District development is on the way, joining the Sutton Towers, Austin Skyhouse and the (perpetually-stalled) Hotel Van Zandt. Not much is known at this point, but a new multifamily development is planned on a vacant plot of land on the north shore, next to the Holiday Inn right by I-35.

If built, the views of Lady Bird Lake would be incredible (and protected).

This site, addressed 16 North I-35, was rezoned from downtown mixed-use (DMU) to central business district (CBD) in 2005, and at the time was owned by Tom Calhoon, of Calhoon Properties.

Coming Soon: "North Shore Lofts"

Coming Soon: “North Shore Lofts”

West Campus Apartments
Don’t be fooled by the name, this project, at 17th and Guadalupe is not actually in “West Campus“, and is also planned to have condos.  Since as long as I can remember, this area near the Dog and Duck Pub, is one of the most run-down areas remaining in downtown, with a lot of properties sitting idly in disrepair.

Last time this site was anything productive it was an Arby’s.

Hopefully, this project will spur additional redevelopment of the low-density legacy buildings all around here. A few blocks north, the UT School of Business is building a new center next to the Player’s Club, which will also expand the AT&T Conference center, which might help energize the area, too.


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Coming Soon: “West Campus Apartments”

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  1. If the North Shore Lofts are built, the difference in views (and noise) between the units on the east and those on the west will be almost comical. Sunrises are nice and all, but I’d need a serious deal to live directly alongside I-35.

  2. there is also a massive heritage tree on the north shore lofts site

  3. “State Senator John Whitmire tells KUT News that legislators made a mistake in asking developers to propose projects on what Whitmire calls the “sacred ground” of the Texas Capitol.”

    Ridiculous assertions such as these from state legislators is what I’m referring to. And this isn’t even Capitol grounds! Anyway, what is wrong with people living near the Capitol complex?

  4. I’m hoping the planetarium-scraper will be allowed on state land. If the West Campus Apartments + Travis House + planetarium-scraper are all developed, the area may go from a wasteland to somewhat decent.

    Unfortunately, state legislators are no longer under budget pressure (due to oil-related revenues) and therefore have decided to slow down/stop the planetarium-scraper project for now, it seems.

    With just one incremental development, I doubt the area will improve markedly (e.g., Greenwood Towers is already very close). However the north-downtown area – from Lamar all the way over to I-35 – has many good redevelopment opportunities, and given its walking/biking proximity to downtown, I hope that in the next 10-15 years it becomes more urban and livable.

  5. Lance Hunter says

    I remember when that spot for the West Campus apartments was a Sonic (before it was an Arby’s). It never did all that well even back in the late 90s. The location was too far south for students to grab a bite between classes, and a bit too far north/West for the state employees out on their lunch break. Once more food options became available downtown and along the drag, the place was basically doomed to its current state.

    I’m really curious as to what will become of the flat piece of foundation that was once Travis House, just North of Dog and Duck pub. As a former halfway house it was definitely a bit of a blight on the neighborhood, then it was more blight when it got shut down, now it’s just a big slab.

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