Sayonara, downtown Arby’s shell

Sayonara, downtown Arby’s shell

When I posted earlier this year that a student housing project was slated for the intersection of 17th and Guadalupe – a site haunted by an abandoned Arby’s – some folks were less than sure it would happen.

The catch was that the developer needs to build underground parking and the new building in time for the August UT move-in.

Today, I bring you evidence that the project is indeed moving forward, and with gusto.

As you can see, the Arby’s building there has been wiped from the face of the earth. On April 8, a permit was also issued for excavation to begin, so expect that soon. If you headed around there, a quick heads up that the construction crews are going to use the south side of 18th Street for construction of building an the sidewalk will be closed.

No word yet on what the building will look like, by the way.

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  1. There are piles of rebar on site, and I saw workers doing something with it today – making columns cages, I believe it is called.

  2. Wow – from that pic, there doesn’t seem to be a scrap of evidence left that anything was ever there but a dirt lot.

  3. avatar Lance Hunter says:

    Not to shabby. Perhaps these contractors can show a thing or two to the guys working on the site of the Alamo South Lamar (which appears to be hopelessly delayed right now).

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