A Development Map of Rainey Street

A Development Map of Rainey Street

News and stories about Rainey Street’s neighborhood growth is often scattered and disparate, so we thought it would be helpful for the casual development-watcher to see everything on one map.

The image below shows what is coming down the pike.  You can click on the map to get a full size version.  DAB will continue to update the map as we get new intel.


Rainey Street Poster

Rainey Street Development

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  1. SkyHouse completion is this November, 2013.

  2. I agree, I think the commercialization of the area will force “hip” kiddos looking for laid back places to congregate to move east, while the preppier folks will stick around. Places like Lustre Pearl and the G’Raj Mahal are what makes Rainy street so spectacular. The G’Raj Mahal’s not going anywhere, right?

  3. Hip nightlife shifted east about two bars into Rainey St’s existence. It’s all preps that hang out there, identical crowd to West Sixth. These condos will fit right in. The Developers did their homework on this one.

  4. avatar Jamie Bancroft says:

    It will implode.

  5. avatar Austinite says:

    Developers are ignoring the character of the place, and thus will ruin it. Hip nightlife center of gravity will continue to shift east.

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