Skyhouse Apartments on Rainey

Skyhouse Apartments on Rainey

If you are looking for a new downtown apartment to rent come late November 2013, Skyhouse Apartments on Rainey Street across from the Milago Condos may be a viable option.

They’ve been on our radar lately, most notably because of the recent announcement confirming that Royal Blue Grocery will be occupying a large part of the ground floor frontage, which will be a HUGE add to the Rainey Street District (we’re excited about the Salvage Pizza, too!).

I personally also think this is an interesting apartment development because Novare and Batson-Cook are building / have built, for all intents and purposes, the EXACT same building (the footprints of the units are a little smaller in the Austin iteration) in two other major southern cities that I’ve lived in – Houston and Atlanta.

Prices for the Skyhouse Austin start at around $1475/mth for a 585 sf studio and go all the way to $3830 for a 1509 sf 3/3.

Here are the sample floorplans:



Skyhouse has their pre-leasing center open right now on 78 Rainey:


Taken from Skyhouse Austin’s FB page.

There’s a TON of new rental properties popping up in downtown and Central Austin, which is starting to make the rental market a little soft. Community Impact just published an article about nine new apartment buildings being planned for downtown Austin alone.  Our own Jude Galligan was quoted several times in the article, speaking to the lack of “for purchase” condo developments (as apposed to “for rent” apartment complexes) and the reasons that people are flocking back into the urban core.

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