Craft Cocktail Bar in Downtown Austin: CU-29

Craft Cocktail Bar in Downtown Austin: CU-29

Named after the touches of Copper decorating the interior of the bar, CU-29 is the latest craft cocktail bar to hit the downtown Austin scene.  Located near Brazos Place Condos and across the street from the Omni, this little gem is a great place to order a fancy cocktail after a long day at work. Prices run from about $10 (and up) per drink AND people who live or work downtown ALWAYS get 20% off!

I went the other day with a group of friends, and we all got really fun, fancy cocktails – here are a couple of pics:


The Lavender Lemon Drop


Somoa Girl Scout Cookie FTW

The atmosphere in the bar is dark and airy – almost subterranean in feel, and the bar staff is STYLED out in clothes from places like the nearby Dandy’s.



An approximation of what your bartender will probably look like at CU-29.

So, I have a theory about this little area of downtown, and the addition of CU-29 supports it.  Seems like many of the new retail shops and bars from 5th-8th street on Brazos all have a little bit of that fancy hipster style.  I mean, you’ve got Handlebar, Dandy’s, Good Life Barber Shop, Firehouse Hostel Lounge, and for those SUPER fancy hipsters, the Driskill. What more could a discerning hipster man want on an evening out?

720 Brazos Street
M-Sat – 4pm-2am
Sundays – 6pm-2am

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