Downtown Austin Art: The People’s Gallery at City Hall

Downtown Austin Art: The People’s Gallery at City Hall

Downtown Austin is home to several galleries, The Contemporary Austin (formerly known as AMOA-Arthouse), Lora Reynolds Gallery at the bottom of The 360 Condos, Women & Their Work in the northern part of downtown near Cambridge Towers to name a couple.

However, one of our favorite galleries is actually one you may not hear about as often: City Hall.

City Hall, where the Cultural Arts Division of the Economic Growth & Redevelopment Services Office presents The People’s Gallery exhibition each year. This year marks their 9th year, and they’ve got some really great pieces up.  This year, they selected entries from 241 local artists and the artwork is spread throughout all three floors of City Hall.

The exhibition is FREE to view and viewing hours are M-F, 8am-5pm.  My suggestion would be to go view the art during your lunch break, and then grab a bite at the nearby Austin Java. Here’s a link to the full packet of information, including the full listing of artists.  This is also a great thing to bring the kids to.

I took a few pictures of some of the art on the first floor.  There is a wide variety of styles and sentiments presented.


Nicholas Dertian, Asthma Lungs, 2012



Charlotte 2012

Lindsay Palmer, Charlotte 2012

Charlotte-2012 Description



Hallie Ward, Different Strokes for Different Folks, 2012




Michael Anthony Garcia, Exo X O, 2012




Elizabeth Lopez, Not Active, 2012




Beatrice Baldwin, Summer Dresses For Sale, 2012


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