Plans Evolve For Rainey Street’s Waller Center

Plans Evolve For Rainey Street’s Waller Center

Here are the latest revisions to the 3 acre Waller Center plan – an ambitious project that stretches along the east bank of Waller Creek, from E Cesar Chavez to Davis Street.

The updated renderings (below) give a more comprehensive vision for the massing of three distinct towers, and how they could be best be oriented.  According to the ABJ‘s interview with development firm, The Sutton Company, their target is to submit plans to the City of Austin for approval by late November


Here’s what we know about the goals of the project:

  • Tower A is a 21 story office building
  • Tower B is a 46 story residential tower
  • Tower C is a 38 story mixed use Tower
  • Target FAR is 10:1
  • 26,000 ft retail (possibly grocery store)

Checkout the images below.


Renderings by IBI Group


Engaging with Waller Creek, Renderings by IBI Group


Site view, Renderings by IBI Group


two POVs, Renderings by IBI Group


elevation drawings, Renderings by IBI Group


two more POVs, Renderings by IBI Group


POV from corner of E Cesar Chavez & Red River, Renderings by IBI Group

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  1. Andres Rodela says

    These new towers; The Rainey Towers and 99 Trinity Tower, how tall in feet will they be ?

  2. I’m all for anything that improves the pedestrian experience walking between Rainey and the rest of downtown. Is it too much to hope for that they widen the bridge on Cesar Chavez over Waller Creek to a full great streets width sidewalk? I was hoping they’d include a street level pedestrian crossing south of Cesar Chavez, but I don’t see any evidence of that now.

  3. Hey Jude,

    Hopefully Sutton follows through with this one unlike the last. Got a question about part of the property from Willow on down to the Villas on Town Lake.

    This part doesn’t seem to be included in the sketches. Have you seen anything (either than the pics you have above) that show or explain what that area will be used for?

  4. This open space, I think should be incorporated into the Waller Creek plan, not developed. I find what’s happening in the Rainey Street area, which was once a wonderful historic downtown Austin neighborhood, sad. We are rapidly losing all that’s quaint about Austin.

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