Art in Downtown Austin – Different Strokes for Different Folks

Art in Downtown Austin – Different Strokes for Different Folks

We like to highlight good and interesting art on DAB.  I’ve recently written about the cool little Art-O-Matic found at a couple of downtown locations, and the public art piece High Water Mark.

Back in 2012, Jude bought out the entirety of Austin Java when he learned about Mike Johnston aka “Truth”, and throughout 2013 we admired the work at The People’s Gallery showcase at Austin City Hall.

Last month, the TOWERS office acquired a very special work that had been showcased next to the City Hall elevators for the past year.  It’s called Different Strokes for Different Folks, and is the concept of up-and-coming artist Hallie Rae Ward.

Artist Hallie Rae Ward with DAB Publisher Jude Galligan

Artist Hallie Rae Ward with Jude Galligan in the TOWERS Realty office

Different Strokes for Different Folks was one of two pieces Hallie had featured in the 2013 People’s Gallery.  Hallie will be showcasing more of her work at this year’s West Austin Studio Tour – so, please check it out!

Below, I ask Hallie a few questions about what inspires her work.  You can learn more about Hallie on her website or Facebook page.

Can you tell us about Different Strokes for Different Folks in your own words? 

I love meeting different people. We all have different backgrounds and ways of life. We each have characteristics that make each of us who we are. Nobody is perfect. We all have an inner spark in us that makes us each unique. With the use of colors, the almost perfect globe and the lights, I have created this piece to represent the commonalities and diversity of people.

What emotions are you hoping to inspire with the piece?

My purpose in creating this piece is to catch your eye and draw you in. I want people to feel happy and uplifted, and to notice that each globe is unique, but they all brighten your day.

Where has the piece been displayed?

Different Strokes for Different Folks was originally created for my senior thesis show, Jubilation, in St. Petersburg, Florida in Elliot Gallery at Eckerd College. This piece was one of the two pieces of mine that were chosen to hang for a year in the People’s Gallery at the Austin City Hall for 2013.

How long have you been professionally creating art?

When I had my first solo show for my senior thesis in Spring 2012, I knew that this is what I wanted to do. I loved seeing how all of my work connected with one another while using different mediums. I also loved seeing the impact that my art had on people. This was reinforced by the strong feedback that I got from the People’s Gallery. I plan to continue creating and hopefully selling my work for the rest of my life. Hopefully, I will be in the West Austin Studio Tour this spring.

What is your personal background (Austin native, etc)?

I was four years old when my family moved to Austin. I have always been a very active person. I have been playing volleyball since I was in 4th grade and I continued to play at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. There, I received a BA in Visual Arts with a minor in Business Management.  It was then that I began to take art seriously. My other interests have been going to concerts, traveling, long-boarding, bike riding, swimming, surfing, and just having fun!

What do you love most about Austin?

I love the little-big-city feel to Austin. I have grown up watching Austin grow, but now that I am back here as an adult, I love that there are many avenues that I can explore that can feed my passions of art, sand volleyball, and life.

Do you do custom pieces?

I have not done any custom pieces, but I am totally open to it.



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  1. David R. Ward says

    This is awesome, and no I am not saying that just because I am HRW’s father, ok, maybe a little. But we are so proud of her and thank you Jude and Amber, at REATX Realty, Austin, Texas.

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