Downtown Austin Delivery Services

Downtown Austin Delivery Services

Seems like every other week I’m hearing about some slickly marketed new service that will deliver something to my house.  Dollar Shave Club, BarkBox, BirchBox, the list goes on and on and on.

Delivery is the new rage and I have to say that I love it. Like, I love it like Ron Swanson loves breakfast food and brunettes.

I’m particularly seduced by services that deliver food to my door. There are three services in particular that I’ve been using (or am about to start using), and all of them make me pretty happy:

1) Favor (for its ease of use)

favor-logoThis is perhaps the most popular and well-known of the three delivery services that I’m highlighting today.  Favor also has the broadest type of service – you can literally have ANYTHING delivered to you (well, except booze).  According to a story on, people have had things like Xbox games and shoes delivered to their door through the service.

It’s incredibly easy to use.  Just download the app and get started.  Choose what you want delivered (or write it in a note if it’s a custom order), then watch the progress of your delivery from your phone. Within an hour, you’ll get your order. Each delivery costs $5 (for anything under $50) + whatever you tip your delivery person. You pay right from your phone, too.


Delivery area is targeted to the downtown demographic:


2. Demand Food (for its flat pricing + speed)

I get emailed a menu with 2 choices every day at around 5 or 6 (or I see it on an FB Post).  If I want one of those things, I order it online, and I swear, within 15 minutes, it’s at my door. The food is really simple (right now it’s sourced from Whole Foods, but they are working on getting an in-house chef), and obviously there’s not a plethora of choices (you currently have 2 choices each night), but it’s healthy, hot, and FAST.  I assume they have the two meals made in bulk in advance, portion it out to the drivers who have hotboxes, and then just wait for the calls to come in around dinner time.  My meal last night was simple, but perfect.


My favorite part is, it’s $9.99 – flat pricing.  No expectation of extra tip, no extra delivery.  $10 all in for a hot dinner delivered to your door at lightning speed.

Delivery area is, again, targeted for downtowners:


3. Instacart (because it’s groceries)

Instacart just launched on May 14 here in Austin, so I have not had the opportunity to try it – but will be doing so in the next two weeks. Right now, people can order their groceries from either / both HEB /Royal Blue Grocery (more stores coming soon, apparently) online or through the Instacart app, and get their groceries delivered to them in 2 hours for $3.99. You can also join for a year at $99 and get all deliveries over $35 at no additional cost above your membership.

Potential Hidden Cost Alert: Per their website FAQ, though – their prices are not the same as the grocery store – so don’t let the tiny $3.99 delivery fee totally mis-lead you.  You may be paying slightly more for each item you buy, as well. Additionally, you’ll likely be tipping your delivery person, so the costs could add up.  But hey, they have to make money somehow, right?

The system looks CRAZY robust.  One feature that I’m really jazzed about is the Recipes function.  The system takes recipes and then tee’s up the necessary ingredients so you can easily throw them in your cart. SO CONVENIENT!


Quite a bit larger coverage area, too.  Though, with Royal Blue being one of their options, I have to believe that downtown is one of their more significant areas.


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Amber Gugino loves living downtown and has been an active board member of the The Shore Condo Owners Association, Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association and member of the Junior League of Austin. She adores her dog, Blog, and she learns something new about downtown Austin every day.


  1. Chloe Gables says

    Y’all should check out Nimble Foods! They have a daily rotating menu of 3 items and deliver to the central austin area. They just won Austin A-list for best meal delivery.

  2. TopShelf Alcohol Delivery App will be releasing in the Fall of 2014. Beer, liquor, and wine delivered to your door!

  3. Cruce S. says

    Hi Amber, great article! Check out Veggytopia too — chef-prepared vegan meals delivered to your door twice a week in Austin. Gluten-free option. And, erm – dessert. Super yum. . Of course there’s Greenling, and Johnson’s Backyard Garden for fresh CSA veggies as well.

  4. Lamar Plaza Drug Store delivers prescriptions to downtown at home or the office!

  5. Hey Amber! Have you tried Nimble Foods? It’s only $7 plus tip with no delivery fees. Delicious too…

  6. its. No apostrophe. its its its.

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