About Lesley Taylor

Lesley Taylor is a well traveled coffee snob, having held expertly poured shots on the Embarcadero, slowly poured cappuccinos in Positano and melodramatic cafe au laits in a side street in Paris. An Austinite since 2002, she splits her time here and in the coffee mecca of Seattle serving a range of clientele in hospitality and design who understand that all media is social. If she's in NYC, she ain’t too proud for black coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

Austin’s Top Ten Coffee Shops 2015

Austin’s Top Ten Coffee Shops 2015

Every couple of years Downtown Austin Blog likes to take inventory of Austin’s best coffee shops.  With SXSW approaching, thousands of visitors will be looking for a respite, so it is a great time to update our picks.  Coffee shops in Austin are everywhere. They’re a dime a dozen. They’re right up there with the food trailer trend. There are even coffee shop-food trailers. You can find coffee shops inside book stores and even inside bike shops.

So how does one navigate through the multitude of places to grab a cup of joe in Austin these days?

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