Writer – Jude Galligan – Contact

Jude Galligan is the founder of Downtown Austin Blog (aka. “DAB”) and owner of TOWERS Realty.  A resident owner in downtown Austin and an active community stakeholder, Jude serves on the Board of Directors of the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA), Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA), and is an appointee to the City of Austin Downtown Commission.

Writer – Amber Gugino – Contact

Amber Gugino is a downtown stakeholder who has an avid interest in all things fun, funky, and food-related. She currently enjoys an existence unencumbered by car ownership, and embraces an urban, density focused lifestyle. She is an active board member of the Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA), a member of the Cap-Metro Customer Satisfaction Advisory Committee, and she occasionally scores a small acting gig around town.

Writer – Fred Schmidt – Contact

Fred Schmidt is co-owner, with wife and business partner, Shelley Meyer, of Wild About Music Art & Gift Gallery on East 6th St – now celebrating 22 years in Downtown Austin – as well as the newer Austin Rocks boutique in the 2nd Street District. Concurrently he is also a Partner in Capital Factory, Austin’s premier incubator/accelerator facility for startups, already located in the proposed new Innovation District. He serves as a board member of the Downtown Austin Alliance (DAA), the Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association (DANA), and is a past Vice Chair of 6ixth Street Austin. He thinks this is one of the best places in the world to live, work and play! Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and do not reflect the positions of any affiliated organizations.

Contributor – Chris Bradford Contact

Chris Bradford is an Austin attorney and a graduate of the University of Mississippi and the Yale Law School, where he was an Olin Fellow in Law and Economics. He has written about Austin development, zoning and economics since 2006 on his blog, Austin Contrarian.