Budare’s Serves Breakfast To Rainey Street Residents Hungry For More

Budare’s Serves Breakfast To Rainey Street Residents Hungry For More

The newest addition to Rainey Street’s eclectic mix of repurposed bungalows is a backyard trailer named Budare’s serving … drum roll… BREAKFAST!

The sign has been up for a couple of weeks, but it was the sight this morning of my vacant refrigerator that got me motivated to walk 100 yards to a warm meal.

I ordered two visayas tortas with turkey and a bottle of water.  $9.50 total and worth every penny on this cold morning.

It’s news anytime something other than a bar opens on Rainey Street and Budare’s modest menu is a welcome addition.

Budare’s is on the way to work for many of you at Milago Condos, the Shore Condos, or the Windsor apartments.  You can check them out at 75 Rainey Street.  EZ street parking in the morning from 6AM to 10AM.  BONUS: you can call in your order at 512-487-6791. [Read more…]

Downtown Austin has Downtown Burgers – Yum!

Downtown Austin has Downtown Burgers – Yum!

Downtown Burgers

Quietly tucked in a small lot across the street to the Austin Convention Center and adjacent to the Railyards, a little burger stand quietly awaits your patronage.  The little burger stand (or, more correctly, the little trailer, as is all the rage these days in Austin) is simply called Downtown Burgers, and has been in the neighborhood since the second week of February this year.

Simple is the theme here.  From a simple building, to a simple menu:

Downtown Burgers likes to stick to what it does best.  And that’s burgers. Just burgers. (Though, thankfully they have a vegetarian option).

I ventured out today, immediately assaulted by the Austin heat, but undeterred in my goal to have a burger, coke, and fries.  I arrived, ordered my burger, and chatted a minute with the owner, Steve McDermott.  Steve, an Austin transplant, was born in New York and raised in Chicago. He says business has been good. “The good news is, I’m 10 feet away from the convention center.  The bad news is, I’m 10 feet away from the convention center.”  He explains that most of his business comes from the events and the workers at the convention center, but that business has been pretty steady since he opened.  I’m personally a little surprised at the turn-out today given the heat and the fact that there is NO indoor seating. I’m hoping this means that the food is good and a good deal.

Diners Enjoying a Good Old Fashioned Burger and Fries

I ordered the veggie burger combo for what I thought was a fair price: $6.95.  Here’s a picture of my meal:

The burger and the fries were really, really good.  Like, really good.  I would definitely eat there again.  And I was happy to find out that they were open weekdays from 11am-10pm and weekends from 11am-Midnight.  A great place for a downtown condo dweller to pick up a simple meal after work if you don’t feel like cooking.

In the spirit of Downtown Burgers, I’m going to embrace simplicity in this post, and just say I recommend it.

Downtown Burgers, 350 Trinity Street, 78701. http://www.downtownburgers.com/