Neighborhood List Servs Ablaze About Helicopter Flights

Neighborhood List Servs Ablaze About Helicopter Flights

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As could be predicted, neighborhoods surrounding Downtown are in high gear with folks excitedly complaining about the new sound of choppers overhead today. In my Travis Heights community in SoCo, our South River City Citizens (SRCC) list serv (and, therefore, my inbox) is filling up with unhappy chatter. I just checked in with the ABIA Aviation “Noise & Emissions Office” (never knew there was such a thing) and the phone lines are on fire.

So I finally couldn’t take it any more and posted the following on our SRCC site. Maybe those of you who agree can share similar thoughts with others.

“My two cents: How about everybody reposition your thinking to something like this…

“Wow! Isn’t it great to have this amazing new event in Austin… positively showcasing our wonderful city to the world… providing jobs to thousands of Austinites, supporting our local businesses, and pouring tens of millions of dollars into our local economy?

“I think it’s all a matter of perspective. I am hearing the choppers too, right along with y’all. But what I hear are the motors of economic prosperity, not ‘noise’. I am perfectly willing to put up with a few days of new Austin Weirdness to receive the benefits of all the good things that come along with it!

“In my mind’s eye, I am picturing every passing helicopter overhead to be carrying a giant bucket of cash — kinda like you see when the choppers are dousing a forest fire with water — and they are over here dumping it all over our city. Kachinggggggg!

“And when you need a break from these new sounds, my guaranteed recommended solution is: a pair of headphones, a soothing classical music playlist on Spotify (or whatever your musical indulgence may be), and a nice hot cup of zen tea.

“We can survive this neighbors, we really can!”

Cheers mates,
–Fernando of the Hood


Getting Around Downtown Austin During Formula 1 (F1)

Getting Around Downtown Austin During Formula 1 (F1)

The City of Austin has published some great resources for folks living/working/visiting downtown during the inaugural Formula 1 race.

I think the best practice will be, next to walking, to take the FREE Downtown Loop – This free bus service will help you get around downtown. It will run Nov. 16 – 18 from 7 a.m. – 2:30 a.m, every 15 minutes (may be delayed due to traffic). It will circle 15th St., San Jacinto, 7th St, Red River, Cesar Chavez and Lavaca on a continuous loop. (map)

The ‘Loop will be like the Dillo, except people are expected to use it. (Oh, snap!)

Parking and shuttle service is the 2nd best way to get to COTA. The myriad of State parking garages along San Jacinto will finally pay off.

Rocket Electrics Electric Bike Rental Discount Code – Exclusive for Downtown Austin Blog Readers

Rocket Electrics Electric Bike Rental Discount Code – Exclusive for Downtown Austin Blog Readers

I love a good deal. And more than that, I love SHARING a good deal.

Luckily for me, Rocket Electrics over on E. Riverside (just south of Downtown Austin, on the ground floor of the AMLI South Shore Apartments) is offering you lucky Downtown Austin Blog readers a fabulous discount on their Electric Bike rentals. The discount starts TODAY, and is good for a WHOPPING [Read more…]

A Smarter Route? Proposed Urban Rail Along Trinity Street

A Smarter Route? Proposed Urban Rail Along Trinity Street

Transportation wonks: is there something different about the conceptual urban rail alignment depicted in the latest flyer from Project Connect?

The portion of the rail system south of 4th Street is showing that the preferred alignment (solid orange lines) is not Congress Ave, rather it’s humble ol’ Trinity Street.

On previous maps, I recall Congress Ave having the bold lines and Trinity Street relegated to a hypothetical dashed line.  This is a subtle change on paper, but a potentially big improvement to ridership and economic impact.

I presume a Trinity alignment would have a stop at/near Waller Creek.  Imagine connecting businesses and visitors to the Rainey Street district, Waller Creek, the Boat House, the MACC, the Convention Center.  There’s greater density of residential and recreational use.  There’s more [taxable] development opportunity along the Trinity alignment.

[Read more…]