Art in Downtown Austin – ArtProm by Big Ass Canvas

Art in Downtown Austin – ArtProm by Big Ass Canvas

We’ve been fortunate to experience and host the work of several Austin artists, notably Hallie Rae Ward and Truth have dedicated space in the TOWERS Realty office.

We’re always on the lookout for new additions, and were thrilled to discover a temporary gallery space that’s just opened in the 2nd Street district.  It’s being called ArtProm, is located at 208 Colorado, and is the brainchild of Travis Huse of Big Ass Canvas.

You’ve likely seen Travis’ work around Austin.  For one thing, he’s done the garage murals for the AMLI on 2nd Street district (if you are driving southbound on Guadalupe, you’ll see it on your right as you pass 3rd Street).  Residents of The Shore Condos may also recognize his work in our parking garage elevator bay at P1.

In our opinion, Austin is in dire need of more gallery experiences, particularly of the street art variety, and ArtProm delivers in similar fashion to SpraTX.

They’ll be around for the next couple of months, and we highly recommend stopping in and checking it out.  Art will rotate as it sells.

Additionally, Travis would also be excited to help coordinate using the space for private parties and the like. He wants to get people in the gallery and viewing the art.   If you have a guest list and need a cool space for your event – just reach out to him through his Big Ass Canvas site.

ArtProm is the best gallery addition to downtown Austin, since the Peoples Gallery started at City Hall.

Did You Have This Discussion When Moving Downtown?

Wait for the climax. Hilarious….

Time Lapse Video: Downtown Austin W Hotel Construction

We have Jose Lozano from SkyscrperPage to thank for this awesome time lapse video of the construction of Austin’s W Hotel and Residences in the 2nd Street District.


Downtown Austin TV: Main & Main – Sixth @ Congress

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Downtown Austin Apartments: 404 Rio Grande

Continuing this week’s theme of apartment reviews…

404 Rio Grande is the oft neglected apartment complex in the core of downtown Austin. (Gmap)  It doesn’t evoke the same reaction as the Monarch or AMLI on 2nd.  Still, 404 Rio Grande, at the corner of West 5th and Rio Grande, has one of the best locations in downtown Austin.  The rents are cheaper, too.  Unlike the new high rises parking is included for you and your guests.

Don’t expect the finishes to be similar to Monarch, its next door neighbor.  It would be easy to frown upon 404 Rio Grande’s faux-hardwood-laminate flooring and white appliances while paying a substantial rent.  Washer and dryer are not included.  Still, the loft style design of AMLI is not preferred by everyone, and 404 Rio Grande’s units are cozy – ultimately you are paying for location.

So, if your budget or desires don’t call for a 24-hour concierge or loft-like design, you might consider 404 Rio Grande.  After incentives, which constantly change at every building, one-bedrooms begin around $1300 and two-bedrooms around $1900.  The biggest challenge for a renter interested in 404 Rio Grande is availability.  404 Rio Grande has been fully occupied for a couple of years so, unlike the new high rises, availability depends on someone moving out.

If you are considering a move downtown, feel free to give me a call!

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