Rainey Street: Right Place Right Time

The Statesman gets the details on the evolving Rainey Street district. As DAB reported on Lustre Pearl and Clive Bar, Lustre Pearl sets just the right tone for the unique tree lined street with CBD zoned bungalow homes. The opportunity on Rainey Street is for more diverse uses including restaurants and coffee shops that leverage the charm of the street. This make sense in a down real estate market. There is little likelihood of any major building taking advantage of the CBD zoning within the next five years. Now, property owners have incentive to lease the properties to entrepreneurs like Bridget Dunlap who will rehab the existing structure and make the neighborhood more desirable.

I’m most looking forward to “96” – “In October, Dunlap plans to open 96, as in 96 Rainey St., across the street from Lustre Pearl in another 1907 house. It will serve beer, wine, coffee, pizza and other items.”