Rail, rail, rail – why Austin needs more rail!

future of downtown Austin rail?

future of downtown Austin rail?

• Transportation is the most significant challenge facing region
• Lack of mobility is affecting Downtown’s role as cultural & commercial heart of region
• Lack of transportation options affects affordability & social equity
• Automobile dominance impairs ability to create pedestrian-oriented Downtown
• Rail provides opportunity to carry many more people in the same space compared to roads

World class cities are often defined by their rail system.  Austin has an opportunity to pool the economic resources from San Marcos to Round Rock with a rail system.  Companies looking to establish a headquarters look to cities with good mobility for its employees and customers.  Rail is an investment in our city that will provide a return in job growth, less sprawl, and less reliance on cars and foreign oil.

link to City Council presentation from Nov. 6th. [pdf]

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