Downtown Austin Condo Sales

Downtown Austin Condos By The Numbers

Downtown Austin Condos By The Numbers

We love numbers here at DAB, and takes a look at average sale prices (per foot) for each building in Downtown Austin over the past 14 months.  You’ll find each building ranked by price/foot in descending order.  5 Fifty Five takes the top spot at $473/ft.  You might be surprised to see the Westgate show up at $325/ft.  Greenwood Towers sets the floor at $197/ft.

The most interesting result might be Plaza Lofts coming in at an average of $291/ft.  Plaza Lofts is the most centrally located of all downtown Austin condos.   These numbers have a back story, which is what I assist my clients with.  Over the past 14 months, the Plaza Lofts has been subjected to construction expectations.  Gables Republic Park was scheduled to begin construction next door to the South.  Andrews Urban/Novare were expected to push their Ovation project where the post office is located.  This would have killed many people’s views of the hill country.  It doesn’t appear that either of these projects will be complete within the next five years, if not longer.

Another key point to remember about Greenwood Towers, the least expensive Downtown Austin condo, its intrinsic value is significantly linked to the fact that the building sits on a land lease which expires sometime near 2050.

Complete Analysis (link)

Ranked in descending order:
5 Fifty Five, $473/ft
Nokonah, $442/ft
Brazos Place, $370/ft

Villas on Town Lake, $241/ft
Towers of Town Lake, $228/ft
Greenwood Towers, $197/ft

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