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Downtown Austin Link Roundup

  1. Starwood hotel proposed at Fifth and Colorado
  2. Marc Katz to run for LT. Governor
  3. Downtown Austin thrives in economic slump (kvue)
  4. Downtown living flourishes (News 8 Austin)
  5. AMLI on 2nd locks down $32MM loan (ABJ)
Waller Creek Project Newsletter

Waller Creek Project Newsletter

Latest Waller Creek Newsletter Is Available

Latest Waller Creek Newsletter Is Available (click for pdf)

Bars On Rainey Street

Bars On Rainey Street

Click here for more recent DAB articles covering the Rainey Street neighborhood.

Over the weekend I was walking down Rainey Street and decided to collect photos of the explosion of TABC application permits. It’s worth pointing out again our belief that downtown Austin has an “over saturation of bars” to quote Tom Stacy at today’s RECA luncheon. Single nighttime only uses would be short sighted, and will fail to tap into the consumer demands of the 858+ residences in the Rainey Street neighborhood. Of course, TABC application posts do not indicate that the venue will just be a bar – the venue is just as likely to be a restaurant or cafe.

Below is a complete list of burgeoning Rainey Street venues. DAB readers, please use the comments to fill in any details you know about these venues.

[Link to recent Statesman article]

“El Naranjito”
85 Rainey Street
application only

“Container Bar”
90 Rainey Street
application only

96 Rainey Street
under construction (link)

Lustre Pearl
97 Rainey Street
open for business

Clive Bar
609 Davis Street
application + under construction


85 Rainey Street

85 Rainey Street - El Naranjito (?)

90 Rainey Street

90 Rainey Street - Container Bar

609 Davis Street - Clive Bar

609 Davis Street - Clive Bar

W Hotel Sneak Peak Of Facade

Thanks to Priller over at SkyscraperPage for the pic of the facade beginning to take form at the W Hotel (aka. Block 21 Residences) in downtown Austin.

W-Hotel Facade Taking Shape