Spotted: New Bar Coming to Rainey Street Neighborhood

Spotted: New Bar Coming to Rainey Street Neighborhood

No, not that one.  Or that one.  Not these, either.  Another one…

East Avenue Lounge, located along frontage road at 90 N IH-35 (aka East Ave), has posted their TABC application notice.  This is an interesting property.  It faces I-35. It has an upper and lower porch. In fact, it’s the only legacy two story structure in the area – a defining characteristic that hopefully will be embraced with creative uses and design. The proprietors will likely benefit from lots of “on the way home” traffic.  While inside the boundaries of downtown Austin’s Rainey Street neighborhood, this structure is located outside of the Rainey Street Historic District.

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  1. Chris Williamson says

    Good to see that new places are sprouting up all over on Rainey Street. This little entertainment district has really become my favorite place to bring out of towners. I’m a food truck foodie so stopping by for some garlic naan at G’Raj Mahal or Chicken Mole at El Naranjo is always a must. Great Blog….Keep up the good work.

  2. DownTownie says

    Hey Jude (and Amber et al),

    How about sharing some of your thoughts on/predictions for 2011? Seems like we’re in a very interesting place for the downtown scene/market which has really “grown up” over the last couple of years. Hard to know/see where things go from here. New projects on the horizon, when the big luxury projects will finally close out, what will be the big stories/conflicts/issues brewing, etc. etc.

    I’m from Austin and keep a place downtown but live overseas and I love getting updates on the local scene, restaurants, market from you guys.

    Keep up the good work!

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