W Hotel Glass Falls

W Hotel Glass Falls

The Statesman reported that glass panels fell from the W Hotel residences on Friday.

Amber was at La Condesa when she heard the crash, and snapped this pic that shows where the culprit glass panes fell from.  Crazy!

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  1. It doesn’t surprise me as fast as they put those big buildings up. I was waiting at the bus stop way back watching construction at the tall building on the west side of congress and 2nd when a crane dropped a bunch of material when it got a few floors up. I didnt actually see it, but after hearing the noise I looked over and saw the crane hoist swinging. It still had some construction material dangling from it.

    Even though they are supervised a lot of the people who are hired to work on those buildings have minimal experience. They are just hired for the sake of having enough laborers. Take away the experienced American workers jobs and you take away a lot of the quality of work along with it.

  2. avatar Siri hutcheson says:

    What happened at the the Four Seasons, Jude?

  3. avatar Jacques says:

    Although if you are looking at weekends, I would say the incident at the four seasons this weekend was far worse and more tragic.

  4. Pretty scary stuff, from what I heard the glass broke due to pressure deferential, Willie Nelson was smoking in the building and it created backdraft like conditions.

    But seriously this was the unit across the hall from me, and they still have no idea on the cause. Pools are closed and residents are told to refrain from going onto patios until it has been resolved.

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