Recent History: An Original Railyard Condos Marketing Flyer

Recent History: An Original Railyard Condos Marketing Flyer

This piece of real estate ephemera fell into my hands only a day ago.  I didn’t set out to publish two consecutive posts about the Railyard, but this was too interesting not to share!

Most of you know the Railyard condos were converted from apartments in the late ’90s. This flyer was intended to lure renters of the original Railyard apartments into buyers of the soon-to-be condos before opening them up for purchase by the general public.

railyard condos marketing flyer

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  1. These types of conversions seem to work quite well, especially in neighbourhood’s that are already somewhat gentrified. Everytime these conversions have taken place in our local market, our immediate area improves from a socio-demographic point of view, and it seems to get rid of all the riff raff. Great find Jude!

  2. I knew some people who lived in the apartments. Too bad they didn’t buy. That was cheaper than my efficiency on East Riverside at the time.

  3. I am pretty sure that flyers attracts a lot of condo buyers way back then. If i am not mistaken Railyard is located between Trinity and Brazos?

  4. Oh how times have changed. I like how the did not have to include the area code to dial local numbers before. If we only had such prices today 🙂


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